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GIRFT-Getting it right first time 02 Nov 2018

GIRFT (Getting-it-right-first-time)
There is considerable unwarranted variation in the way we care for patients. Using national data sources and onsite
visits led by senior clinicians in each field the getting-it-it right-first time (GIRFT) programme aims to reduce this
variation and improve patient care.

The GIRFT programme was started in 2012 as a pilot in Orthopaedic Surgery by Professor Tim Briggs. The initial pilot was extremely successful, resulting in considerable operational improvements, resource savings and better patient outcomes.

As a result, the programme has undergone rapid expansion and itnow includes 35 specialties including Radiology. As the GIRFT lead for Radiology Kath Halliday is visiting every hospital in England presenting each department with a dashboard of their data, demonstrating where they lie in comparison to their peers. In this talk she discusses some of the outcomes from GIRFT so far and emerging themes in radiology.

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Duration:50 mins

Speaker info

Katharine Halliday

Dr Katharine Halliday Clinical Lead, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust After completing her radiology training in London, Perth, Australia, Sheffield and Nottingham, Dr Katharine Halliday was appointed as a Consultant Paediatric Radiologist at Nottingham University Hospital in 1998. She has a special interest in the imaging of suspected physical abuse and provides expert opinions for cases throughout the UK. She was Chair of the British Society of Paediatric Radiology from 2010–2016 and chaired the working group for the recent update of the guidance for imaging in cases of suspected physical abuse in children. In September 2017 she was appointed National Clinical Lead for the Getting-It-Right- First-Time (GIRFT) programme for Radiology.