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Mediastinal Masses 23 Mar 2018

This video will describe how to locate the origin of a mediastinal mass on a chest radiograph and demonstrate a collection of different pathologies on cross sectional imaging.

Learning objectives
1.    To ascertain whether a mass is mediastinal in origin
2.    To locate the anatomical origin of the mediastinal mass on a chest radiograph
3.    To improve confidence in identifying the array of pathologies on cross sectional imaging. 

1 CPD credit.
Watch the video and complete the online self-reflection form. Go to "My events" to download your certificate. You must login to watch the video and receive CPD.

Duration:61 mins

Speaker info

John Curtis

Dr John Curtis is a Consultant Radiologist with an interest in Thoracic Radiology at University Hospital Aintree since 1997. Interests – medical education, chest radiology and emergency radiology