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The practical application of artificial intelligence in healthcare 23 Mar 2018

The practical application of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Mr Steve Tolle

As radiologists, cardiologists, and other clinical imaging specialists know, the role of medical imaging in global health systems is a foundational step to providing efficient, innovative, and effective patient care.

Like labs, medical images are used in as many as 90 percent of all high cost, high value episode of care. Cardiac echoes, head and chest CTs, mammograms, and basic x-rays, “atlas” the body and help chart a course forward for a patient’s care team. Imaging precision has improved as the result of technological advancements and breakthroughs in related medical research. Yet those advancements also have also brought with them exponential growth in medical imaging data; this data explosion often creates the high-tech version of a needle in a haystack--or a needle in 10,000 haystacks--when it comes to how physicians manage their daily workflow in support of critical diagnostic and treatment decisions.

As IBM trains Watson to “see” medical images, the talk will discuss recent strategic advances made by Watson Heath Imaging and explore the vision for what artificial intelligence may do to assist physicians, health systems, and the patients they serve.

Educational aims:
• To provide global market highlights: AI in medical imaging
• To distinguish between hype vs reality
• To provide an insight into the “right conversation” about
AI in four key areas
• To explore choosing priorities – high cost, high value,
high mortality

0.5 CPD credit.
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Duration:23 mins

Speaker info

Steve Tolle

Global Vice President of Strategy, IBM Watson Healthcare Mr Steve Tolle, Global Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, for Watson Health Imaging, brings 25 years of healthcare industry experience in start-up or high-growth organizations in multiple sectors including healthcare technology, electronic health records, health information exchange, pharmaceuticals, managed care, behavioural healthcare, academic medicine, Preferred Provider Organizations, and disease management organizations. In his role at IBM Watson Health, Steve focuses on commercializing artificial intelligence platforms for medical imaging.