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What to prioritise in AI development 23 Mar 2018

Artificial intelligence should be welcomed, not feared, by radiologists. It has huge potential to improve the efficiency of our workflow and the quality of our reports. Radiologists should suggest areas of practice where they believe that the development machine learning algorithms will be of maximum immediate benefit, and could be easily introduced into clinical practice, such as the recognition of normal plain radiographs of every part of the body. This would enable radiologists’ worklist automatically to prioritise abnormal radiographs for reporting by a radiologist. If AI development were also to concentrate on relatively simple, highly specific diagnostic tasks, such as the presence or absence of a fracture, this would also speed up radiologists’ reporting and contribute to addressing the backlogs of reporting in the UK caused by the 9% vacancy rate of consultant radiologists.

The exciting longer term potential of AI in the research domain relate to the prediction of disease outcome based upon the analysis of vectors contained within images – as in the whole area of radiomics.

There are many unsolved ethical and practical issues in AI, notably the mechanism for acquisition and use of vast amounts of anonymised, appropriately annotated digital data for the development, verification and testing of AI algorithm; and the means whereby AI software will be independently assessed for accuracy and reproducibility prior to its safe introduction into clinical practice.

Educational aims:
• To suggest areas where the development of AI could benefit the practice of clinical radiology in the near future
• To consider some of the hurdles to developing AI in radiology and introducing it into clinical practice

0.5 CPD credit.
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Duration:24 mins

Speaker info

Dr Nicola Strickland

Dr Strickland is currently the President of the Royal College of Radiologists. She is trained in natural sciences and medicine at the University of Oxford. She trained in radiology at Hammersmith Hospital, and is now a consultant radiologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London. Her radiological specialist interests are chest and oncological body imaging, and imaging informatics. She has held a number of national and international leadership roles, including President of Management in Radiology of the European Society of Radiology, President of the Radiological Section of the Royal Society of Medicine, Founder and Chairman of the Imaging Informatics Special Interest Group of the UK, President of EuroPACS (a European imaging informatics society) and President of the Anglo-French Medical Society for six years, being a fluent French speaker.