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The introduction of employer and practitioner licences under IRMER 2017 02 Jul 2018

The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017 (IRMER 2017) came into force on 6 February 2018 and replace IRMER 2000 and the MARS Regulations 1978.
IRMER 2017 introduces a dual licensing system for employers and practitioners for the administration of radioactive substances to individuals as part of their diagnosis, treatment or research. This provides clear definition of responsibilities of the employer and the practitioner. Details of the licensing process are included within schedule 1 of IRMER 2017. Transitional arrangements to replace ARSAC certification with dual licensing are included in the regulations. Additional guidance for applicants is available from ARSAC.
This webinar video will provide an up to date summary of how the regulatory changes will affect services involved in the administration of radioactive substances across the UK

After watching this video, you will understand when and how to apply for a licence under IRMER 2017.

1 CPD credit.
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Duration:57 mins

Speaker info

Louise Fraser

Louise Fraser is a clinical scientist specialising in nuclear medicine. Louise currently works within the Medical Exposures Group at Public Health England (PHE) and leads the secretariat for the Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee (ARSAC). In this role her responsibilities include overall management of the ARSAC certification application process, organisation of ARSAC meetings and the provision of independent advice on nuclear medicine practice and radiation safety. Prior to her role at PHE Louise spent 9 years working in the NHS at hospitals in Leeds and Oxford.