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CT radiation dosimetry for radiologists 20 Jun 2017

No CT-based research study today is complete without an estimate of the radiation dose to the study cohort. Dose-length-product to effective dose conversion coefficients are used and abused with impunity in the scientific literature.

In the first part of this video, the history of these conversion coefficients will be presented, tips will be given on how best to use them for patient cohorts and for individual patients, and recent updates highlighted. In the second part of the video size-specific dose estimates will be reviewed, and CTDIvol to effective dose conversion coefficients will be introduced. CT dosimetry tools available in dose management systems and as mobile phone apps will also be appraised.

Learning outcomes: 
•    How to get the best out of dose-length-product to effective dose conversion coefficients
•    Learn about new CT dose metrics and CT dosimetry tools

1 CPD credit.
Watch the video and complete the online self-reflection form. Go to "My events" to download your certificate. You must login to watch the video and receive CPD.

Duration:50 mins

Speaker info

Dr Elly Castellano

Elly was educated in physics and medical physics at the universities of Oxford, Surrey and London. She trained at St Mary’s Hospital, London, in nuclear medicine, radiotherapy and diagnostic radiology physics, and thereafter specialised in the latter. She is a registered clinical scientist, chartered scientist and chartered radiation protection professional. She leads a team of medical physicists which provides diagnostic radiology physics services to The Royal Marsden and the Royal Brompton amongst others. In addition to her clinical work Elly is active in research with over 20 publications to date. Her main research interests are in CT dosimetry and CT optimisation. She runs the advanced x-ray and CT imaging module of the MSc Clinical Sciences (Medical Physics) at King’s College, London, and lectures extensively in the UK and abroad. She is a contributing author to several text books and handbooks on CT and patient radiation dosimetry.