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AI in radiology: The main worries 11 Jul 2019

In this webinar video, Dr Nicola Strickland will briefly explore some of the issues that are worrying radiologists about AI.

These include:
  • Is the AI that is being developed really addressing clinically relevant issues? What sort of clinical problems would it be most useful for AI to tackle?
  • There is a risk that financial and workforce pressures will drive the premature introduction of AI into clinical practice. How can radiologists be empowered to assess AI products that they may be asked to start using, to determine for themselves whether they are accurate and safe?
  • What sort of regulation of AI software is currently in place, nationally and internationally, and is this sufficient?
  • Do AI researchers have access to the vast amounts of good quality, standardised, curated, anonymised data that are needed to train, validate and test AI algorithms properly?

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Duration:68 mins

Speaker info

Professor Nicola Strickland

Professor Nicola Strickland is the Past President of the Royal College of Radiologists. She trained in natural sciences and medicine at the University of Oxford. After gaining Membership of the Royal College of Physicians, she trained in radiology at Hammersmith Hospital, and is now a Consultant Radiologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London.

Her radiological specialist interests are chest and oncological body imaging, and imaging informatics. She has held a number of national and international leadership roles, including being President of MIR, Management in Radiology of the European Society of Radiology, President of the Radiological Section of the Royal Society of Medicine, Founder and Chairman of the Imaging Informatics Special Interest Group of the UK, and President of EuroPACS (a European imaging informatics society).