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The Story of BJR – The First Radiology Journal 14 Oct 2019

BJR is fascinating. Its roots are in 1896 with the publication of the Archives of Clinical Skiagraphy as the first journal devoted to the new discipline of radiology. The story of the journal is the story of radiology and the British Institute of Radiology (BIR). We have recorded in its pages the period of the pioneers, of the two world wars, and the flourishing of classical radiology. And then from the 1970s, with the announcing of the CT scanner at the BIR Annual Congress and accompanying BJR papers, there has been the phenomenal growth of modern radiology all duly recorded and announced in the pages of the journal. The styles may have changed over the years, and yet the message is unchanged. Today BJR is a fully international journal covering all aspects of diagnostic radiology, radiography, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, radiobiology and medical physics. The webinar video celebrated this national treasure.


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Duration:60 mins

Speaker info

Dr Adrian Thomas

Dr Adrian Thomas has been fascinated by the history of radiology since he was a registrar at Hammersmith Hospital. Adrian is a radiologist, and visiting professor at Canterbury Christ Church University. He has been President of the Radiology Section of the Royal Society of Medicine, and of the British Society for the History of Medicine. He is the Honorary Historian to the British Institute of Radiology. Adrian has written extensively on the history of radiology writing many papers, books and articles. He is currently, with a colleague, writing a biography of the first woman radiologist and woman hospital physicist. He has had a long-term interest in role development in radiography, and teaches postgraduate radiographers.