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IRIA - Artificial Intelligence Day 1 14 Nov 2020

The Indian Radiology and Imaging Association's (IRIA) hosted a virtual meeting delivered by the BIR focused on Artificial Intelligence over the weekend of Saturday 21-Sunday 22 November, this video is a recording of Saturday the 21st. This video is free to all IRIA members with a special discounted rate for BIR members.

  • Dr Deepak Patkar, President of Indian Radiological & Imaging Association
  • Dr Sridhar Redla, President of British Institute of Radiology and Consultant Radiologist, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust
  • Dr Matt Lungren, Co-Director Stanford Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Imaging Center, Associate Professor Radiology
  • Dr Balaji Ganeshan, Senior Imaging Scientist, University College London
  • Dr Anjali Agrawal, Consultant Radiologist, Teleradiology Solutions
  • Dr Greg Zaharchuk, Professor of Radiology and practicing Neuroradiologist, Stanford University; Co-founder of Subtle Medical
  • Dr Kristina Elizabeth Hawk, Clinical Instructor, Stanford University School of Medicine President at RadPartners, Instructor at Stanford University
  • Dr Charles Kahn, Professor and Vice Chair of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania
1.5 CPD credits.
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Duration:218 mins