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SPECT/CT in lower back pain 12 Feb 2020

SPECT–CT in lower back pain
Dr James Howard

This talk will discuss case review and the use of SPECT-CT in lower back pain.

Educational aim:
• To understand the clinical application of SPECT-CT in lower back pain of unknown cause

• Matesan M, Behnia F, Bermo M, Vesselle H. SPECT/CT bone scintigraphy to evaluate low back pain in young athletes: common and uncommon etiologies. J Orthop Surg Res 2016;11:76.
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Duration:13 mins

Speaker info

James Howard

Dr James Howard Consultant Musculoskeletal and Radionuclide Radiologist, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Dr James Howard is a Consultant Radiologist at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust with a special interest in musculoskeletal and radionuclide imaging. He has undertaken a fellowship in hybrid PET-CT at Zurich University Hospital. He lectures for the medical imaging MSc at Manchester University and has given national and international lectures. In his clinical work, he works between the nuclear medicine centre and radiology department attends haematology, rheumatology, orthopaedic infection, metabolic bone, diabetic foot and national NF1 MDTs. He is imaging lead for lymphoma and myeloma and performs varying interventional procedures including facet joint injections and microwave ablation of soft tissue tumours.