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SPECT/CT in parathyroid imaging 07 Feb 2020

SPECT-CT in parathyroid

Dr Richard Graham

This talk explains how sestamibi imaging is an excellent way of locating parathyroid adenomas. The addition of SPECT and CT acquisitions improves sensitivity and specificity of localisation. Contrast enhanced CT also brings in an extra dimension which further aids localisation. This presentation covers the clinical context, radiographic technique, anatomy and interpretation of imaging and includes a number of clinical cases which illustrate specific learning points.

Educational aims:
• To describe the indications for parathyroid SPECT-CT
• To understand the imaging parameters for parathyroid SPECT-CT
• To be able to interpret parathyroid SPECT-CT

Further reading:
• BNMS Clinical Guideline for Parathyroid Scintigraphy

0.5 CPD credit
Watch the video and complete the online self-reflection form. Go to "My events" to download your certificate. You must login to watch the video and receive CPD.


Duration:23 mins

Speaker info

Richard Graham

Dr Richard Graham Consultant Radionuclide Radiologist and Deputy Medical Director, Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust and in-coming BNMS president Dr Richard Graham is a Consultant Radiologist and Deputy Medical Director of the Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust. He has subspecialist expertise in nuclear medicine and diagnostic and interventional musculoskeletal radiology and sports imaging. He studied at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford and trained in radiology in Oxford and Stanford, California. He is President Elect of the British Nuclear Medicine Society, Radionuclide Advisor to the Royal College of Radiologists and is Past President of the Royal Society of Medicine Radiology Section.