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Guidance on using shielding on patients for diagnostic radiology applications 27 Apr 2020

This webinar is part of the launch of the guidance document the BIR has produced in association with the other professional bodies on the use of patient contact shielding in diagnostic radiology.  This is the first time there has been definitive guidance produced on the use of patient contact shielding

The webinar video will:

  • Explain the objectives of the working party
  • Give some background to explain the guidance recommendations
  • Explain the recommendations
  • Discuss the cultural changes needed to implement the guidance
1 CPD credit.

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Duration:44 mins

Speaker info

Mrs Helen Hughes

Helen is a radiographer with 35 year’s experience working in radiology in Wales with a passion for improving the quality and experience of both patients and professionals. Helen chairs the All Wales Imaging Quality forum as well as being a Trustee of the BIR and member of the BIR Radiation Protection Special Interest Group Committee. A member of the UK working party that has developed the guidance on patient contact shielding.