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COVID and beyond - how AI can support radiology teams 12 Jun 2020

Lizzie Barclay and Jeroen van Duffelen's talk from the BIR's COVID-19 Part 3 virtual event.

1 CPD credit.

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Duration:33 mins

Speaker info

Dr Lizzie Barclay

Dr Lizzie Barclay areas of interest are thoracic radiology and medicine, innovation, and improving patient outcomes and healthcare professionals’ wellbeing. After graduating from the University of Leeds School of Medicine (MBChB) and Barts and The London (BSc Sports&Exercise Medicine), Lizzie spent 4 years working as a doctor in Manchester and Liverpool NHS Trusts, including 2 years in Radiology. She has presented her work on lung cancer imaging at national&international conferences and recently contributed to Lung Cancer Europe’s “Early Diagnosis and Screening” event at EU Parliament in Brussels.

Jeroen van Duffelen

Jeroen is COO and co-founder of Aidence. Jeroen's entrepreneurial spirit led him to teach himself software engineering and starting his own company commercializing an online education platform. He then tried his hand in the US startup ecosystem where he joined a rapidly scaling cloud company. Jeroen returned to Amsterdam where he ran a high-tech incubator for academic research institutes, it is here Jeroen first got his taste for applying AI to healthcare. Why Jeroen is excited about applying AI to the healthcare industry: “There have been many claims about technologies reducing the cost of healthcare. I believe AI is the first one that will actually be able to do this, through automating labor-intensive tasks.” Jeroen's vision Aidence & Veye Chest: “Aidence will develop an AI suite that will fully automate the basic & tedious tasks that radiologists have to perform on a daily basis, allowing them to focus on the most important and difficult tasks.”