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BIR/IDUG Molecular Radiotherapy Dosimetry 29 Sep 2020

Following three highly successful BIR/IDUG conferences in 2014, 2016 and 2018, this is an excellent opportunity to hear about the future of molecular radiotherapy dosimetry. 

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  • GE - Click here to see the newest product video 
  • Hermes- The importance of obtaining absolute, accurate and comparable values for the activity distribution within a patient for any radionuclide and camera manufacturer is described in the context of dosimetry in this educational talk: Hermes Medical Solutions SUV SPECT and Dosimetry. Hermes Medical Solutions SUV SPECT® provides the most consistent quantitative SPECT reconstruction on the market. Hermes Medical Solutions Voxel Dosimetry™ is also described, which calculates absorbed dose on a voxel basis using a Monte-Carlo approach that is personalized to the patient.
  • MIM- MIM Software invites you to set up a web meeting to discuss how MIM SurePlan™ MRT is making it easier for departments to implement recommendations for personalized dosimetry. Please click here to schedule a meeting.

Duration:4 hours