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Simulation and VR in clinical education and practice – multidisciplinary perspectives Day 1 19 Oct 2020

Day 1 of the BIR's two day event, 'Simulation and VR in clinical education and practice – multidisciplinary perspectives'.

Given the rise in recent years of the interest and the use of simulation and virtual reality in healthcare, the BIR hosted this meeting on the use of simulation and VR for clinical education and training. The event focused on experiences in both radiology and radiotherapy, but looked to involve multidisciplinary perspectives from outside these two main professions, from which to learn and also to share expertise. The event looked to share expertise and best practice for using simulation and VR in medical education and practice; focusing on radiology and radiotherapy, but bringing in perspectives from other healthcare disciplines and beyond for a true cross-fertilisation of ideas.

Educational aims:
  • To disseminate and exchange knowledge and experience with simulation and VR for radiotherapy and radiology
  • To share experience and exchange viewpoints of simulation and VR from different disciplines and thereby cross-fertilize ideas and knowledge exchange
  • To learn from other disciplines for possible implementation within radiology and underlying sciences 
Who should watch?:
  • Radiology: Consultant/Registrar Radiologists/Diagnostic Radiographers
  • Radiotherapy: Consultant/Registrar Clinical Oncologists/Therapeutic Radiographers/Medical Physicists/Dosimetrists/Engineers
  • Other clinical specialties – practitioners in surgery and nursing (e.g. consultant orthopaedic surgeons, nurses, orthoptists etc.)
Ms Sarah-Jane Ketterer
Sarah-Jane Ketterer is a Radiotherapy Lecturer and Simulation Lead for the School of Health Sciences at the University of Liverpool.  She has worked in academia for almost four years, and prior to that had a clinical career within the NHS and private sector.  She has a special interest in the use of simulation for clinical skills training, and is enthusiastic about adding to the evidence base for its wider adoption within the health sciences. In her leisure time, Sarah-Jane enjoys spending time with her family outdoors, learning Italian, anything to do with history and partaking in afternoon tea!

Dr Mike Kirby
Mike has worked in radiotherapy physics since 1988, starting at the Christie Hospital and then Rosemere Cancer Centre, Preston as Principal/Consultant Physicist and Deputy Head of the Radiotherapy Physics Group.  He moved back to the Christie in 2007 as scientific lead and Head of Radiotherapy Physics (Satellite Centres) for developing the Christie Satellites in Oldham and Salford.  He’s served on IPEM, BIR and multidisciplinary committees and co-authored/edited IPEM Reports 92, 93, 94 and ‘On Target’ (2008/2019).  He presently chairs the BIR’s Oncology and Radiotherapy SIG; is a task group member for the APPG-RT; an expert lecturer for the IAEA, supervises on the HSST programme and is a member of IPEM, AAPM, ASTRO, ESTRO and the BIR.  Most recently, he’s co-authored a textbook for RT students and trainees on On-Treatment Verification Imaging/IGRT for CRC Press.  Mike is also a Residentiary Canon (Canon Scientist) at Liverpool Cathedral in the Church of England.

Ms Emma Hyde
Emma is qualified Diagnostic Radiographer who is passionate about patient centred care and student radiographers tranisition to clinical placement. These interests have led her to embrace simulation as a pedagogic approach that supports students transition to placement, and assists them to develop patient centred approaches. 

Ms Naomi Shiner
Naomi qualified in 2000 specialising in Reporting Radiography in 2003 and continues to support the NHS in this role to this present day. Starting her academic career in Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Naomi now worksat the University of Derby. Naomi is responsible for several modules and id the simulation lead for the discipline area. In this role Naomi supports staff to use this pedagogical approach, developing a variety of simulation activities for integration into the curriculum. As a doctoral student Naomi is applying this knowledge to develop simulations supporting students to transition from academia to clinical practice.  Naomi has a number of publications focused on simulation-based education in Radiography and is open to collaborative work.

Dr Lisa Taylor
Dr Lisa Taylor is an Associate Professor in the School of Health Sciences at the University of East Anglia, Norwich. Lisa is also Associate Dean for Employability for the Faculty of Medicine and Health, and is passionate about employability. Lisa has developed innovative and widely adopted employability initiatives in her employability role. Lisa has published her employability work, presented at several employability conferences and has edited a book - “How to Develop your Healthcare Career – a guide to employability and professional development”. Lisa led the development of the Peer Enhanced e-Placement (PEEP).

Dr Maulik Gandhi
Mr Maulik J Gandhi (Mal) is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He also is the Technical Skills Lab lead at the Trust. He completed his MBChB (Hons) and BSc (Hons) from the University of Manchester. Alongside clinical practice, he has completed a Masters (MPhil) degree from the University of Salford using a novel low fidelity simulator he designed for key hole surgery. He is one of the first NHS Clinical Entrepreneurs (NHS England) and is one of the directors at MAVRIC (Medical and Augmented Virtual Reality Innovative Coaching). Mal’s passion is to merge clinical practice, innovation and simulation training. He enjoys spreading his ideas on the stages of technical skills training and has been invited to present at national and international forums on this. He challenges people to think about what is possible, and would love to see a low fidelity simulator in everyone’s home. Mal has a keen research interest and has published in the fields of simulation and orthopaedics and been a reviewer for well-known orthopaedic journals including the “Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery” and “Shoulder & Elbow” amongst others. He is very approachable and loves discussing projects which may benefit patients, trainees and trainers alike.

3 CPD credits
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Duration:156 mins