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Mr David Mirando - Clinical dosimetry made practical 22 Jan 2021

Mr David Mirando's talk from the BIR's event 'State-of-the-art nuclear medicine and pipeline industry developments'. 

This one-day virtual event provided a platform for industry to demonstrate their current products and discuss their pipeline products that will soon be available. This allowed participants to become aware of what the state-of-the-art products in nuclear medicine are and helped them decide what may best suit their needs to improve services.

Educational aims:
  • To become aware of state-of-the-art nuclear medicine radiopharmaceuticals and the appropriate indications for use of these products
  • To become aware of state-of-the- art imaging cameras to evaluate the advantages and limitations of products
  • To learn about current software packages and what functions these can provide
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Duration:43 mins

Speaker info

Mr David Mirando

David has worked on research and development of clinical tools for molecular radiotherapy dosimetry for over three years. During this time, he has presented at a number of large nuclear medicine conferences on new findings on accuracy and automation improvements that can be achieved with software support tools. Most recently he presented at the virtual EANM 2020 meeting with a presentation entitled: “In pursuit of fully automated dosimetry: evaluation of an automatic VOI propagation algorithm using contour intensity-based SPECT alignments.” David studied biomedical and electrical engineering at Case Western Reserve University, and is dedicated to improving patient care in the field of oncology.