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Hasan Jouni - AI automated organs at risk contouring for Radiotherapy 17 Mar 2021

Hasan Jouni's talk from Part One of the BIR's BIR Annual Radiotherapy and Oncology meeting 2021.

Who should watch?
This will appeal to anyone working within radiotherapy and oncology including clinical oncologists, radiographers, physicists, service managers, Linac and IT engineers, dosimetrists, manufacturers and department heads.

Five reasons to watch:
1. Enhance your knowledge
2. Hear expert opinion and share your own
3. Refresh your understanding
4. Share your own research
5. Network with colleagues, peers and industry representatives

0.5 CPD credits
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Duration:23 mins

Speaker info

Mr Hasan Jouni

Hasan works with Siemens Healthineers to deliver impactful digital health solutions to UK healthcare providers. After studying clinical laboratory diagnostics and molecular pathology, Hasan worked with an international supplier of software solutions for chronic diseases management and as a program manager for the Cleveland Clinic.