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Rhenium-SCT - Dr Paolo Castellucci & Prof Julia Tietze 01 Sep 2021

Dr Paolo Castellucci & Prof Julia Tietze from Oncobeta's talk as part of the BIR's Therapy Webinar series.

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Duration:34 mins

Speaker info


Professor Julia Tietze is a specialist in dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases and has been since 2012. Professor Tietze is a senior physician and head of the Skin Cancer Centre at Rostock University Medical Centre since 2020. Julia undertook the study of human medicine in Göttingen and Würzburg, Germany and completed a fellowship at the UC Davis of the University of California, USA. She is also a Professor of dermatologic immune biology in Germany.

Paolo Castellucci

Dr Paolo Castellucci is a nuclear medicine physician from the Saint Orsola Malpighi Hospital, in Bologna since 2003. He has been performing Rhenium-SCT treatments since 2017 so is one of the most experienced clinicians anywhere with this therapy.