Cardiac MRI - revolutionising the investigation and management of heart disease

7th November 2018  13:00 - 14:00 (GMT+01:00) Europe/London

To mark the International Day of Radiology 2018 with the theme of Cardiac Imaging, BIR presents you this live webinar on Cadiac MRI by Dr Swamy Gedela on 7 November.


Speakers: Dr Swamy Gedela, Cardiac MRI (CMR) Director and the lead cardio-thoracic radiologist, Essex Cardio-thoracic Centre, Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals



Cardiac MRI is a safe, non-invasive advanced cardiac imaging investigation.  With the use of ECG gating it can create images of the heart with superior temporal and contrast resolution.  It has revolutionised the investigation and management of heart disease by being able to answer accurately key questions that we previously could not.


It is gold standard for evaluating ventricular function and volumes, and considered gold standard for viability and ischaemia assessment in the management of ischaemic heart disease.  In addition cardiac MRI has a crucial role in the management of cardiomyopathies (acquired and inherited heart muscle disease), heart failure, complex cardiac disease, congenital heart disease, valvular and vascular disease.



It is a rapidly evolving investigation modality that is likely to undergo the largest expansion of all cardiac imaging modalities. However, CMR is technically challenging and appropriate training and education is needed.


1 CPD credit 


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