6th Annual SPECT/CT Symposium: Current status and future directions

9th - 10th February 2017   (GMT+01:00) Europe/London

Delivered jointly by the BIR and Royal Free Hospital. 

The BIR is pleased to announce that its popular Annual SPECT/CT Symposium will be returning for its 6th year. This year the event will be delivered across two days in an upgraded format.

The first day will keep in the successful style of the previous years, consisting of two educational streams (clinical applications and physics and technical aspects). This day will be delivered through a series of lectures and quiz style sessions to provide the fundamental knowledge and skills on the topic of SPECT/CT imaging.

The second day is a brand new optional extra that will deliver an interactive learning experience to reinforce the knowledge gained on day 1. Delegates from each stream will have the option to attend a corresponding interactive event:
  • For delegates who attended the clinical applications stream on day 1: Case-based study day using iMac workstations with typical cases through OsiriX software. Limited to 40 delegates.
  • For delegates who attended the physics and technical stream on day 1: A technical day at the Royal Free Hospital. Limited to 20 delegates.
Delegates must attend the first day to have the opportunity to attend the second day.

View the full event programme

Registration fees  
Day 1 only        
BIR Plan 1 members                            £145.00 
BIR Plan 2 members                            £110.00 
BIR Trainee members                          £65.00 
BIR Retired/student member               £55.00 
Non BIR member                                 £250.00 

Day 1 plus day 2 clinical        
BIR Plan 1 members                            £280.00 
BIR Plan 2 members                            £210.00 
BIR Trainee members                          £150.00 
BIR Retired/student member               £140.00 
Non BIR member                                 £390.00 

Day 1 plus day 2 technical        
BIR Plan 1 members                            £170.00 
BIR Plan 2 members                            £135.00 
BIR Trainee members                          £90.00 
BIR Retired/student member               £80.00 
Non BIR member                                 £275.00 






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