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Diversity in Healthcare 2022 23 Nov 2022

Diversity is at the heart of our unique, individual, human distinctiveness. Within healthcare, it is a rich and vital part of our practice as healthcare professionals. For our patients, it is their own distinctiveness which inhabits their lives alongside their healthcare journeys. Considering both patients and staff through sensitive and respectful discussion, reflection, dialogue and learning is crucial to improving the effectiveness of our healthcare in a modern society.

It is right that as healthcare professional organisations, we provide platforms and media for these important discussions, to aid further learning and understanding, in order to achieve better and more inclusive healthcare through practice and provision. As such this webinar is just a foretaste of developing voices across the BIR’s many SIGs and events.

For this initial webinar, we had a diverse range of voices to bring a significant breadth to our learning and dialogue. We heard from the following professionals for the first hour of the webinar, followed by a live Q&A with the host and speakers.

Erin Donovan is a Healthcare Scientist in the Medical Physics Department at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust in Canterbury; and will speak on “Inclusivity in Medical Physics: Fear less, understand more”

Naman Julka-Anderson is a Senior Therapeutic Radiographer in the Radiotherapy Department at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London; and will speak on “Rebalancing Skin Assessments in Radiotherapy”

Vicky Shepherd is a (Nurse) Research Fellow in the Centre for Trials Research at Cardiff University; and will speak on “Why inclusivity in clinical trials matters: addressing age and co-morbidity related exclusion”

This webinar aims to share views, experiences and evidence on aspects of diversity within healthcare in Medical Imaging, Radiotherapy and Clinical Trials

Educational aims and objectives:

  1. To widen our knowledge and appreciation of aspects of diversity within healthcare from the voices of key disciplines within Medical Imaging, Radiotherapy and Clinical Trials
  2. To stimulate discussion and reflection in ones own professional practice on the aspects presented
  3. To encourage further discussion, dialogue and presentation of experiences and learning in future events across professional healthcare organisations

2 CPD points

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