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State-of-the-art nuclear medicine and pipeline industry developments 2023 27 Feb 2023

Back for another year, this one-day virtual event will provide a platform for industry to demonstrate their current products and discuss the pipeline products that will soon be available. This will allow participants to become aware of what the state-of-the-art products in nuclear medicine are and help them decide what may best suit their needs to improve services.


  • Dr Shaunak Navalkissoor, Nuclear Medicine Consultant, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Floris Jansen, Chief Scientist, MI, and Chief Engineer, PET/MR, GE Healthcare
  • Dr Christoph Rischpler, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Klinikum Stuttgart, Stuttgart, and University Hospital Essen, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
  • Anna Wojcieszyn, UK Sales Director, Spectrum Dynamics Medical

Thank you to our corporate sponsors:

  • Blue Earth Diagnostics: Blue Earth Diagnostics is an international molecular imaging company on a growth trajectory to develop and commercialise innovative, well-differentiated diagnostic solutions.
  • Curium Pharma UK: Curium is the world’s largest nuclear medicine company. We develop, manufacture, and distribute world-class radiopharmaceutical products to help patients around the globe. Find out more.
  • GE HealthCare: GE HealthCare is a leading global medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics, and digital solutions innovator.
  • Spectrum Medical Dynamics: Spectrum Dynamics is spearheading the transformation of SPECT imaging scanners, enabling hospitals and clinicians to provide superior healthcare services with improved image quality, efficiency, and advanced clinical applications. Find out more.

2 CPD credits

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Duration:100 mins