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Clinical Use 22 May 2023

This talk consists of three videos:

4.1 Workflow: Supporting Clinical Reasoning and Decision Making - Graham King

Decision making lies right at the centre of the radiology diagnostic process. The interpretation of radiographs involves multiple decisions about what is seen and what is to be communicated. Artificial intelligence can provide clinical decision support to assist in that process.

However, effectively deployment of AI requires a proper understanding of how upstream and downstream systems work together all the way from request to receipt of report by the clinical practitioner who will take action.

In this session, we will look at the “big picture” of how radiology workflow is underpinned by systems and messaging, and also show how AI in radiology can be deployed at many points in the workflow, not just in support of image interpretation.

4.2 Factors affecting confidence in AI - Dr Rizwan Malik

Clinicians need to understand how their current decision-making process could be affected by AI-derived information.

This requires a need to understand the nature and context of this information to assess whether it warrants low or high confidence.

Appropriate confidence in AI-derived information should be assessed for each patient and each AI-assisted clinical decision.

4.3 Interface with patients (inc. case studies related to breast screening) - Dr Amrita Kumar

1.   Role of AI in breast cancer screening pathway

2.   Evaluating AI role in clinical pathway

3.   Types of AI vendors for different modalities

4.   Impact of AI

5.   Patient perception & acceptance

1.5 CPD credits

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Duration:1 hour 41 mins

Speaker info

Dr Rizwan Malik

Dr Rizwan Malik studied medicine in Cambridge and London before qualifying as a radiologist. He joined what is now Bolton NHS Foundation Trust in 2006 and has held a number of increasingly senior roles at the organisation, where he became divisional medical director in 2020. Alongside his career in radiology, he has been a clinical advisor to leading imaging suppliers, and is managing director of South Manchester Radiology, a consultancy that advises the NHS and vendors on transformation and innovation, with a focus on imaging and AI. Rizwan was instrumental in helping Bolton NHS Foundation Trust to introduce AI for chest x-rays, to help doctors identify deteriorating and improving Covid-19 patients. The project won the HealthTechToShoutAbout award in the Health Tech Awards 2020 as well as the AI in Medicine Best COVID-19 AI Solution 2020.

Dr Amrita Kumar

Amrita has been recently named 2022 Top 50 Innovator & Top 50 Influential Woman in UK for leading innovation in the use of AI within the NHS. She was appointed as a substantive Consultant Radiologist at Frimley Health in 2013 with a subspecialist interest in breast cancer screening. She has a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence and has set up trust wide research collaboration to implement a digital enabled AI infrastructure, as well as implement novel AI software for improved detection of breast and lung cancer. Ultimately, her aim is to have a positive social impact on cancer screening within the NHS integrated with AI, working in conjunction with various stakeholders with a mission statement of patient and value-focused healthcare. She has also been appointed Chair at the British Institute of Radiology National Clinical Intelligence & Informatics Committee to look at the national integration and implementation of AI into clinical practice.

Graham King

Graham has worked in mission-critical IT since graduating in Biology in 1997 and in various NHS and software vendor roles since 2003. He has recently worked for Lexmark Healthcare (now Hyland), DesAcc and IBM Watson Heath. He is one of the UK’s leading health interoperability practitioners, participating in national and international working groups that aim to provide streamlined clinical workflow and dataflow. He has worked with radiology AI and data-driven technologies for the last five years. Despite his technical background, he comes from a healthcare family and maintains a strong interest in health policy and its intersection with technology.