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Bias 24 May 2023

This talk consists of two videos:

5.1 Overview and examples of bias - Victor Zuanazzi

In this talk, Victor Zuanazzi, Machine Learning Scientist at Aidence, defines bias in artificial intelligence and explains how it differs from our understanding of bias in society. He outlines the concept of variance, an essential component when discussing bias in AI, then provides examples of bias and variance from news and literature. In the second half of the course, Victor looks at the possible ways in which bias can manifest during the development of an AI medical device, and outlines corresponding mitigation methods.

5.2 Ethical AI - Reid Blackman

Applications of artificial intelligence/machine learning is growing rapidly. There are a great many benefits that can come from such endeavours. There are also a host of ethical risks. In this talk we’ll dive into three of the primary risks: discriminatory or biased AI, privacy violations, and the perils of using black box AI.

0.5 CPD credits

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Duration:38 mins

Speaker info

Victor Zuanazzi

Victor is an MSc in Artificial Intelligence. He is fascinated by the intersection between cutting edge research and applications. It led him to work in several different machine learning domains, including 3D Computer Vision, Neural Information Retrieval, Generative Modeling and, now, AI for healthcare. At Aidence, he is helping develop our machine learning models with a strong focus on robustness, accuracy and generality.

Reid Blackman

Reid Blackman, Ph.D., is the author of “Ethical Machines” (Harvard Business Review Press), creator and host of the podcast “Ethical Machines,” and Founder and CEO of Virtue, a digital ethical risk consultancy. He is also an advisor to the Canadian government on their federal AI regulations, was a founding member of EY’s AI Advisory Board, and a Senior Advisor to the Deloitte AI Institute. His work, which includes advising and speaking to organizations including AWS, US Bank, the FBI, NASA, and the World Economic Forum, has been profiled by The Wall Street Journal, the BBC, and Forbes. His written work appears in The Harvard Business Review and The New York Times. Prior to founding Virtue, Reid was a professor of philosophy at Colgate University and UNC-Chapel Hill. Learn more at