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BIR Annual Radiotherapy and Oncology Meeting 2022 - Day One 31 Mar 2022

This was Day One of the second meeting for the BIR, it brought together speakers from around the world and national experts too, who shared experiences and expertise in a wide range of aspects for today’s cutting-edge radiotherapy and oncology. The event will cover the latest techniques, technologies, methods and hot-topics will be discussed in this comprehensive meeting taking place over two days.

This includes both Stream A and Stream B.

Parallel streams were used to maximise the sessional opportunities, together with expert plenary talks focusing on:

• Immuno-radiotherapy

• Debate – X-rays or MR for on-treatment adaptive radiotherapy

• Panel Discussion – Role development and extension in modern radiotherapy and oncology

Keynote talks headlined the main sessions, and topic areas included:

• Adaptive Radiotherapy

• MR Informed Radiotherapy

• SRS/SABR/Oligomets treatments

• Engineering/IT/infrastructure

• Manufacturers presentations

• Patient voices

• Advances in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning

• Particle and other innovative treatments

• Regulation and Legislation

• Practice Changing Clinical Trials

• In practice discussions – Geometric Uncertainties, Radiobiology, On Target Two

• Optimising Resources - re-use/re-cycle/sustainability

• Worldwide Challenges in Radiotherapy

Expert teaching sessions were held at the end of day one, and the start of day two, providing targeted educational opportunities in areas such as Adaptive Radiotherapy, Challenging Radiotherapy Planning Cases and Brachytherapy.

Proffered material was once more welcomed in the form of oral presentations, ePosters and short video clips. All-in-all, the best in radiotherapy and oncology will be featured at this exciting meeting!

Who should watch?  

You! If you’re working in radiotherapy and oncology, then this meeting is designed for you – and that is for all disciplines. The BIR is rapidly becoming the home of ALL professionals involved with Radiotherapy and Oncology and is open to all. So, clinical oncologists, radiographers, physicists, service managers, Linac and IT engineers, dosimetrists, manufacturers, department heads…all are welcome, and there should be something for everyone.

Five Reasons to watch:

• Enhance your knowledge in the cutting-edge fields of clinical practice

• Refresh your understanding in key areas

• Hear expert opinion and offer your own

• Network with colleagues and peers, manufacturers and industry reps

• Share your own research and development work

7 CPD points

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Duration:428 mins